Root & Branch

Art is an act of structuring raw materials and is not dependent on external validation. Originality is an occasional consequence of the process, rather than its upfront intention.

If I frame and capture something without conscious plagiarism, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s been done before.┬áThe uniqueness is in the moment and the relationship.

I’d argue that distinctiveness and consistency are more desirable. Cumulative weight adds gravity, complexity and resonance. All leaves are singular, but a tree gives them purpose.

2 thoughts on “Root & Branch

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  2. For context, my “irritable response that I couldn’t be bothered [to login to the Guardian website to leave, six months after finding the original post]” was in reply to someone writing that Instagram was dull because people end up taking the same picture in each others’ company. Plus someone else saying that ‘art’ wasn’t ‘art’ if it couldn’t be interpreted objectively by a third-party observer.

    Fuck that. ‘Art’ doesn’t have to be meaningful, or weighty, or strikingly original. Art is an act of framing a small piece of the world. See, like, capture. That ‘piece’ grows in stature when set against other pieces, either horizontally (same piece, other people) or vertically (same person, other acts of framing). My own interest is generally in the vertical (individuality?) rather than the horizontal (community?), but either perspective is valid.

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